Monday, January 7, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Patio Designs

Welcome back my friends! I spent the last post on how to save money when buying patio furniture. For this post I want to let you know what some of my favorite patio designs are and why I love them so much.

Before we get started I did want to take a minute to give a shout out to my friends blog Clarity Furniture. James is the blog owner and he regularly updates the blog with useful information on a wide variety of furniture related products. He does a great post on patio furniture that you should check out. Click that link above if you want to be taken to his blog. James is also happy to answer any furniture related questions you have so be sure to shoot him a message sometime.

So now lets get started. Please also remember to comment about which patio sets you likes best as well.

In this first patio set we have features here is set out on a porch surrounded by glass. It really is a beautiful setup. I love the look for the resin furniture. It is a dark color and really matches well with the other pieces in the room.

Our next set doesn't have a background but it is really some nice furniture pieces. I really like the color on these. They look to be made of a some kind of metal. These may benefit from some kind of cushion on them.

Our last featured set is a wonderful patio setup near a pool. I love the choice to use black wicker chairs near the poolside. The black wicker chairs also go quite well with the wooden deck.

I will be going over another few sets of furniture in a future post so check back. If there are any sets you would like to see featured here send me the pictures, I would love to see them! Until next time take care and see you soon.

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